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What do I bring on my first visit?

It can be overwhelming coming to an accountants office and hope that you bring everything they will need to get started on your tax preparation.  So, we have provided a printable checklist of items you might need for your first visit.

  1. Was there a change in the number of dependents during the year?

  1. Can you or your spouse be declared as dependents by someone else?

  1. Did you have an expense in childcare?

  1. Did you change residence or place of work during the last year?

  1. Did you move during the last year? If so, where? On what date?

  1. Were you a resident in more than one state during the last year? If so, which states?

  1. Have you received a letter from IRS?


  1. Have you received all forms w2 from all your employers? How many copies of w2 do you have at the moment?

  1. Did you use your car during your work or to do your job? (exclude car for commuting purposes)

  1. Did you have a car from part of your employer that you used for personal use or to commute to your job?

  1. Did you work out of the city of residence sometime during the year?

  1. Did you earn income in another state?

  1. Did you receive any disability income?

  1. Did you have any investment account or savings in another country?

  1. Did you pay taxes to another country or did you have income in another country?

  1. Did you give up a U.S. savings bond this year?

  1. Do you or your spouse have an IRA?

  1. Have you made a rollover of retirement accounts?

  1. Did you receive a schedule k-1 from a partnership, S corporation, or trust?

  1. Did you or your spouse receive social security benefits during the year?

  1. Did you receive unemployment income, combat pay, or alimony?

  1. Did you receive another income that has not been asked for in this form?

Other Information

  1. Was there a payment for higher education during this year? From 1098 T

  1. Did you or someone in your household attend higher education courses?

  1. Did you have a damaged or stolen property? Casualty Loss

  1. Did you refinance your mortgage between April 2008 and December 2008 and receive the First-Time homebuyer credit? Or loan of the $7500?

  1. Did you purchase another house or refinance your current house?

  1. Did you sell your principal home of residence?

  1. If you answered yes to question 4, did you use the credit?

  1. Did you make a gift to anyone for more than 14,000 dollars?

  1. Did you pay babysitters, housekeepers, or nannies? For child care expenses and credit

  1. Did you have health insurance for yourself and everyone declared for the entire year?

  1. If you had health insurance, was it through the employer, Medicaid, Medicare, or Marketplace?

To do deductions please bring the following receipts and documents for this type of expenses:

  1. Prescription

  2. State/local income taxes

  3. Mortgages interest

  4. Gambling gains/losses

  5. Goodwill donations

  6. Expenses of healthcare

  7. Real Estate taxes paid during the year

 Information for your appointment

ID,Previous year’s tax returns, w2’s and other employment statements, 1099s that reported interest earnings, any record of income, 1095-a, 1095-c, 1095-b.

Information you wish to speak with advisor, tax prepare, or accountant